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Negotiation Skills Full Battery - Determining Your Skills and Competencies


The benefit of offering an assessment is:


  • Adding a rewarding dimension to his/her training experience that really resonates with the attendee. People are even less likely to miss their sales training workshops because it’s known that they will get to see their Assessment results.

  • Providing a baseline for skills that can be used to create a training experience that’s more tailored to an area of emphasis for that specific workshop audience

  • Giving both the client and the training company a baseline against which progress can be made on a “before and after” basis

  • Allowing for a much more targeted “refresher class’’ curriculum that is basis on recurring weaknesses or gaps that the class has in common

  • Enabling management to create an IDP (Individualized Development Plan) with specific activities and tasks that address the development needs of the individual.


Most of the so-called negotiation skills tests fall into two groups.


The first group often has questions that are many times designed to promote a particular author’s book more than improving negotiation skills in the real world. The other group has very scholarly sounding questions -- but all too often there’s an over-emphasis on memorization of negotiation terminology and concepts in the name of academic acceptability. Unfortunately, what I think too few of the tests do is a meaningful assessment of negotiation ability -- e.g. the judgment, skills, attitudes and perceptions that are correlated with successful negotiators (rather than the memorization of textbook terms and concepts).


The test won’t be structured on a traditional “right or wrong” answer basis. Instead the respondent’s answers will be compared against a control group’s answers. The control group against which each respondent’s answers will be compared will be top professional negotiators, negotiation SMEs and Negotiation Professors. Accordingly, when the respondent gets his/her results they will be base-lined against how the control group would have answered.  Getting the control group to validate the best answers gives the Assessment heightened credibility and more third-party objectivity.


Over 150 questions that have been created so far and that are all totally original and not copied from any other tests or courses - although I did read as many books on negotiation as a source of inspiration for coming up with the questions. Once constructed, the test will measure five key components of negotiation:


  • Planning

  • Initiative (Trying)

  • Aspiration (Raising the bar)

  • Judgment

  • Strategy


As well as 7 success factors:


  • Managing Concessions

  • Win-Win Outcomes

  • Confidence

  • Listening

  • Qualifying Opportunities

  • Handling Pressure




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