Our Story


As the name Convergent implies, we were founded on the belief that the best approach to negotiation training is one that "converges", into one workshop, the world's best schools of thought on the subject. Therefore, we draw on the top minds from some of the best educational institutions in the field. Accordingly, when you sit in one of our workshops you are being trained by someone who has received training in negotiation from places like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Notre Dame, University of Michigan and University of California-Irvine to name a few -  a truly global and "convergent" model. (See University Affiliations in FAQs.)


We were created with a commitment to "real" executive education. That commitment means that the workshop is created, from beginning to end, with the needs of executives in mind. In other words, we do not just market the workshops with an "executive education" title that simply gives that impression. We know when you are truly in an executive-oriented setting, with your peers; it results in a superior learning experience, heightened enrichment and priceless post-training relationships.  


In addition to our global approach to the topic of negotiation, we are committed to giving you training from executives that have real-life experience in the business situations you face everyday. For that reason, we only have people leading our workshops who's own executive resume is at least as extensive as most of the attendees. In other words, we only allow someone to lead one of our workshops who can offer you rich insights that exceed the contents of the training manual.


Our Training Philosophy


We believe that great negotiation training transcends the traditional concepts of winning and losing.  It drives performance, job satisfaction and confidence at a pace that is often surprising - - and always rewarding. It challenges many of our previously held beliefs about what makes good negotiators so good. It offers new life skills, and foundational principles, which accelerate the results realized in both professional and personal life. These skills and principles empower people to expect more, and achieve more, from the moment the pencils are down and the workbooks are closed. Our workshops reflect a passionate and global approach to training.  An approach which successfully combines real-life experience on the front lines of business with the best schools of thought on negotiation, instructional design and learning theory. 


Our Workshop Architecture


Again, we bring together the best schools of thought on negotiation from the world's top authorities at institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, University of Notre Dame, University of California-Irvine and the University of Michigan. (See University Affiliations in FAQs.) You'll never see a PowerPoint from the moment you are welcomed to the workshop until you walk out the door after the final wrap up. We use highly interactive methods that are fun, engaging and effective that reflects the latest advance in learning theory and instructional design. We use executives who are seasoned business people with real-world experience in negotiations - not non-business people that are repeating a canned course on negotiations. This real-world experience shows you how enhanced negotiating skills can significantly accelerate the quality, quantity and pace of your results.


Our Other Services


Convergent also provides further services or partners with other world-class companies who offer the following programs: 


• Negotiation Instructional Design and Content

• Supplement To In-house Negotiation Training

• Negotiation Consulting And Deal Review Support

• Team Negotiation Training And Workshops

• Negotiation Training for Sales Professionals

• Negotiation Training for Purchasing Professionals

• Negotiation Training for Non-Sales Professionals

• Negotiation Skill Assessment & Interpretation

• Decision-Making Training and Workshops

• Sales/Sales Management Training and Workshops


Please feel free to contact us for more information about how we can serve you in any of these areas.


Our Invitation


"We invite you to see first-hand why you'll describe our training as an experience that is truly transformative", says Al McConnell, President, Convergent Negotiations.


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