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If you are an executive in today’s faced-paced business environment, this course is for you. That’s because this Workshop is specifically designed with the needs of high-level leaders like you - from beginning to end. 


Now, more than ever, negotiation, persuasion and decision-making skills are critical components for success. “And that holds true for leaders at all companies,” adds Fortune Magazine.


For you, making the decision to take this course will be among the best ones you will ever make - - both personally and professionally.  In fact, you’ll benefit from this course even if you are already an accomplished negotiator or even if you’ve taken a negotiation course before. That’s because this course is solely designed with the global challenges of today’s leader in mind.  Leaders, like you, that thrive on the opportunity to match wits with other industry pacesetters.


Organizational Negotiation Effectiveness for Executives will benefit you regardless of whether your leadership role is in Operations, Sales, Finance, HR, Marketing or Purchasing.


The key to success of this highly interactive 2-day workshop is its emphasis on:


  • Driving stronger results through skilled negotiation, persuasion and decision-making

  • Building on previous learning through mastery of stronger interpersonal skills

  • Learning through recreated negotiation and decision-making business cases

  • Providing you a private assessment of your negotiation skills called the "SNSI"


The SNSI is the Standardized Negotiation Skills Index - a personal and confidential executive analysis of your negotiation style, tendencies, strengths, and opportunities. The SNSI gives you comparative data in five critical areas on how your negotiation profile aligns with other executives and professional negotiators.


Additionally, you'll navigate through four business cases that have been specifically designed in response to the changing demands of today's business environment. 


  • Each of the business cases is based on a situation that is consistent with one that would be faced by an executive at your level. Your negotiating and decision-making savvy will be tested throughout all four of the business cases.

  • While the backdrop is the same for all of the four business case scenarios, the challenges change to mirror different executive negotiation situations. By keeping the backdrop and key players the same, it more accurately reflects real life.

  • Additionally, each business case is brought to life by having you assume the role of an executive within the business case involved. Each executive portrayed comes with an in-depth, and colorful, “bio” that the participant must study and assume.

  • Learning is achieved as you “walk-in-the-shoes” of the various executives, both inside and outside of the organization in  your business case, with whom you must negotiate to get things done.  


You will learn:


  • Cultivating "best-in-class" negotiation preparation strategies and techniques

  • "Top of your game" negotiation soft skills that will deliver hard results

  • Identifying and addressing organizational negotiation patterns and practices

  • The things to look out for that are unique to your negotiation blind spots

  • Negotiating and decision-making under time constraints more effectively

  • Understanding differences between internal and external negotiations

  • Overcoming difficult personalities and dealing with awkward situations

  • Developing strategies for email, phone or text vs. face-to-face negotiations


Through Effective Negotiation Decision-Making and Persuasion for Executives, you'll learn skills that translate into more positive interactions, job satisfaction, confidence and results.


Those results will begin from the moment the workbooks are closed, the pencils are down and the certificates are granted. 

Workshop Overview

University of Nevada Campus

Engaging and Interactive

Organizational Negotiation Effectiveness for Executives


University of Nevada Campus


October 6-7, 2016   8:30 am - 4:30 pm - Two Day Workshop A


$1,695.00Early Registration - Before August 31, 2016


$1,995.00 - Late Registration - September 1, 2016 and After


                                   Reserve A Seat

Training that reflects the best schools of thought on negotiation

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