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Whether it's with multi-million dollar deals, or with the little store down the street, negotiating is second-nature to Al; a trait he credits to his dad.  Al’s successful approach reflects his years on the front lines of business, his background in psychology, and some of the best schools of thought on negotiation. 


Recently, Al worked with Verizon as the lead consultant overseeing the design and deployment of one the most ambitious global training programs on negotiation. Spanning over 2,700 markets and 150 countries around the world, this first-of-its-kind training program was the culmination of his consultation with Verizon's senior executives from the UK to Asia. The resulting curriculum was a credit to his ability to effectively collaborate with departments ranging from Learning & Development to Business Development and Procurement. 


Trained in Negotiation and Experienced In Business Management

In addition to his 30 years of business and industry experience, Al’s educational journey incudes the following:


  • Harvard Business School, Certification in Negotiation

  • University of Notre Dame, Certification in Negotiation

  • Stanford University, Certification in Negotiation

  • Michigan State University, BS in Psychology

  • University of Nevada, MBA Coursework in Business Law

  • Yale University, Certification in Negotiation

  • UC Irvive - Certification in Negotiation 

  • Karrass International - Certification in Negotiation

  • Wharton Business School, Global Business Trends

  • Lee Hecht Harrison, Certified Trainer and Facilitator

  • University of Michigan, Certification in Negotiation


Negotiation and Training Career Highlights

While best known for conducting his own negotiations, Al's biggest pleasure is teaching others to experience that same level of success in their negotiations. Previously, Al has taught business negotiation workshops for TableForce, Ltd, salary negotiation workshops for Lee Hecht Harrison, sales training workshops for xPotential Selling, and marketing workshops in partnership with the SBA. Al’s passion for teaching negotiations has been his signature, whether he’s matching wits with CEOs or doing negotiation work for causes like Special Olympics.  Not surprisingly, a Time Warner management-level training class participant notes that "Al was one of the best facilitators I've ever had."





Al McConnell, President & CEO, Convergent Negotiations - An Approche Globale LLC Company


Al has negotiated with and for some of the world’s leading multi-billion dollar companies. Al has served as a Vice President of Strategic Business for Cox Business, Vice President of Market Development for Lexis Pharmaceuiticals and a Business Market Director for Apple. Al has also consulted for Gerson Lerman, LEK Consulting, TableForce, Ferrazzi Greenlight, Custom Performance Solutions, Coleman Research and the Small Business Administration. Whether it’s as an executive in marketing, business development or sales, he brings the time-tested perspective of someone who understands negotiating in today’s increasingly competitive climate. Al's business career also includes work with Sprint, GTE, Johnson & Johnson, W.W. Grainger and the Boots Company LTD of Nottingham, England. His experience with diverse markets spans health care, technology, financial services, consumer products, retail, hospitality, gaming and supply chain to name a few.  

Peer Reviews

"Al is always the key negotiator on any critical big deal we were trying to win. He has an uncanny ability to bring the big deal home when it counted most" says Stephen Costa, Vice President of Marketing for Time Warner.   "Al is always the consummate negotiator with customers. He keeps his composure even in the hottest discussions. There are very few folks out there with his communication skills" notes John Fountain, VP/Director of Technology for CB/HN. Adds Ken Shelton, VP of Finance and often his partner on major contract negotiations at Cox, "Al's business creativity is often the deciding factor in negotiating terms and conditions that created deals that both Cox and our clients felt were "win-win" agreements. He's a polished negotiator and a great coach/mentor."




President's Bio




Also Noteworthy

  • Nevada State Attorney General Appointee - named to a special state commission on women’s rights

  • U.S. Senate Majority Leader Honoree – recognized for his volunteer work with new small businesses

  • Scholarship created in his name – for his service as the Urban Chamber of Commerce’s first Chairman

  • Who’s Who of Distinguished Alumni – added in 2015 in recognition of his accomplishments & work

  • Author, The Executive Quiz on Your Team's Negotiation Acumen - A leader's tool for assessing team skills. 



Family and Interests

Originally from Lansing, Michigan, Al currently lives in Las Vegas. An avid traveller, he has been to all but one of the 50 states as well as three continents. Al enjoys history, art and community service.  When not relaxing and connecting with his five children, Al can be found at his second home; the hardware store.  Al believes tackling home improvement projects is a lot like negotiating; trying is half the battle.     

Workshops that reflects the best schools of thought on negotiation

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