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PURPOSE – The Executive Quiz is designed to assist you in assessing the role that negotiation skills may be playing in the productivity, profitability and revenue of your organization



ALLOTTED TIME – The Executive Quiz should take no more than 3 minutes but you can take more time if you wish. There is no cost for taking the Executive Quiz



CONFIDENTIALITY – Any information related to your participation in the Executive Quiz is kept strictly confidential and is not available to any other party



TO START THE QUIZ – Click on the function below that best describes your role:



Are You Leaving Money On The Table?


Are you showing any of the signs of a good organization that is leaving money on the table?


   Take the following "Executive Quiz"     -   see how you think your team's skills measure up.

In addition to offering Executive Negotiation training, we also partner with world-class training companies that offer in-house negotiation skills training for your sales, purchasing and non-sales groups.  


¤ Sales Executive                    ¤ Finance Executive

¤ Chief Executive                    ¤ Marketing Executive

¤ Purchasing Executive         ¤ Bus Ops Executive

¤ HR  Executive                       ¤ Tech Executive

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