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“I learned when negotiating that until I changed myself I couldn’t change others.” 

If you've ever looked back on a negotiation, and wondered how much better you could have done, we understand. Of course a successful negotiation has to work for both parties. Still, you shouldn’t feel like you were compromising on the things that mattered most. If you want to look back, and feel better about your results, our Workshops are for you.     Workshop Information and Registration

If you've ever felt you deserved better, but were concerned that negotiating would damage your relationship, we get it. Knowing the keys to effective negotiation actually strengthen, not strain, both your relationships and results. If you want to start getting more of what you deserve, while feeling good about how you got it, we invite you to join us.   Workshop Information and Registration

If you've ever done your best preparing for a negotiation, and still wondered what was overlooked, you are not alone. Negotiating is part of our everyday lives – sometimes routine and often fun. Other times, a negotiation can determine your company's future or your career's fate. If you are ready to start feeling better prepared, we ‘ll give you preparation skills like the prosWorkshop Information and Registration

What is organizational negotiation effectiveness?

   ATTEND OUR NEXT WORKSHOP          ----      Organizational Negotiation Effectiveness for Executives: Beyond Negotiation Training

    The University of Nevada Campus, Las Vegas, October 6-7, 2016. Limited Registration Capacity.    Workshop Information & Early Registration Savings

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If you've ever started out with a solid feeling about your negotiation strategy, that didn't feel so solid once you began, it's not a good feeling.  Negotiating is often filled with surprises. If you want to learn how to turn those unexpected developments into unexpected opportunities, attending one of our Workshops is your next step.  Workshop Information and Registration


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